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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcome to the page of Ahmad Firdaus, a SAMTSH student.

Salam all. Hi.

Jom mula dari awal. alrite, i was born and raised in Kg. Jalan Kebun.

When i was a kid, i used to play with my brother and my sister. I dunno why i prefer to hang out with my siblingz. i have 3 siblingz,Hidayah and Faiz.i didnt watch cartoon,english movie and tamil movie.Daus suka main roundest,soccer and badminton. to cut it short, banyak parut yg daus ada sbb game2 tulah =)

When in high school,daus prefer be a shy student but then again Daus tak join curiculum . i did taekwando on my weekends saja! and i won the tournament haha.

Alrite,Daus x der ramai kawan,cma adlh lbh krg bel0w 100. Daus suka dreaming and sometimes tak sedar yang Daus sedang dreaming depan orang ramai,s0metimes,laugh sndri hahaha.Tpi Daus still waras.Daus nie ade 2 personality,alah,mcm split personality tu,I can be a s0 masculin and s0 polite.ermmm,i don't know,ini prangai Daus dri kcl. I love to watch Awan Dania and Digi Music Top 20 and I also love to watch all any kinds of movies,as long as be allowed by government....

gemini/ May 21th 1995

the Basics:

Hair Color: dark black

Eye Color: dark brown [maybe]


Favorite Color: white

Favorite Car: Audi A4 / Volkswagen Touareg

Favorite Book/Author: Robert Loius Stevenson and text book

Favorite Vacation Destination: New York

Favorite Food: My mother cooks

Favorite Actors: Johny Depp, Keanu Reeves and Ewan McGregor

Favorite Actresses: Julia Roberts,Cameron Diaz,Sandra Bullock and Scha Al-Yahya

Favorite Singer:Lady Gaga,Black Eyed Peas,Taylor Swift,Kris Allen,Stacy,Miley Cyrus,and Michael Bubble

This or That:

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

Big Mac or Whopper: Big Mac

Coke or Pepsi : Coke

Coffee or Tea: Coffee

Apple Juice or O.J.: O.J

Windows or Mac: Windows

Boxers or Briefs: Briefs

Do You?
Have Any Pets: No

Do you afraid of something:Yes

Have Any Children: No

Smoke: No

Exercise: Yes [sometimes]

Swim: No

Have You Ever
Stolen Anything: Yes

Got Caught Telling A Lie: Yes

Cheated On A Test: Yes

Failed A Class: Yes

Describe Yourself In One Word: Weird

#1 Priority In Your Life: Family

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