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Saturday, July 10, 2010

the FIANCEE of life is death

hi Salam, apa kabar semua.

oh dear dah lama sangat tak write new note. im actually busy lately. its been days, will be weeks actually. im currently have to attend many seminer ,mklmlh dh nk ambk PMR =) hope it will turn out as i expected.

saya sibuk. rasa geram jugak coz tak dpt layan tv skunk sangat dah. sighh, for WC ,dah la my fav team arent doing well. they all being done by underdogs ! i somehow feel WC this year is so sunyi, kan? anyway for this final , i expected Belanda will win ... fird x mnt sgt ngan Spain ...

lots of things happening , ive been really busy and am burnt out! dah gelap kulit. kelmarin , my aunt passed away , and the best part time is when nma fird kene pggl kat pjabat,blh ker dye ckp mak fird yg passed away and the worst thing is Teacher Rufia'ah said that I was the one that passed away. anyway , mak saya kata , HIDUP TUNAGNYA MATI ... redho jerlah ... bln dpn dh nk puasa nie ... korang dah ganti puasa? i'm still working on it ....hehehe

semua dah sorted out for me this year.Alhamdulillah, everythings goes well and sumenye yg baek dtg dari Dia, berkat doa sume dan keluarga. i hope mggu dpn x der seminar , this week I had a bad fever c0z x ckp rehat . HARUSLAH x ckp rehat c0z msa cti p0n kene sklh ... mmg SEDEY ....
SALUTE to all sume yg blh brthn and keep up you allzzzz pnyer good work ...

oh ya, to sume yg add fird ... thank u very muchhh guys and sory if x reply kowang yg bgi msj ....

cant wait to go back to my hometown and be with my loved ones. im loved, real love. thank you all. semoga Allah berkati kita dan sentiasa selamat dan tenang. all good all good.

buang segala negativity vibes around us. spread positively .

good SENJA all
be safe

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