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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Talk JEHHH is cheap

Salam semua. Apa kabar.

Hope everyone is having a great wonderful weekend. As for me, seperti biasa, running here and there. try to make time for many programees such as KILAUAN BAHASA. susah bila schedule kita bukan seperti jadual orang lain. but im happy.

i dont have much to share,cuma saya sekarang buzy ckit c0z PMR dh nk dekat , s0 , byk programlah yg phk sklh arrange ... and yesterday was the most funny day in this week .. for KB BI , i 1 group with Luqman , Faizal and Deebah ... trok si0t , first round of game dh klh .. tpi i had so much fun , dan skunk ak dh taw what the difference between die , dead , and death ... ~

pg tdi plk ade KB BA ... sbnrnye pncramah tuh was the penceramah yang bg letcure time bdk2 gie kursus BALA _ _ _ .... anyway , im blessed, im happy. Alhamdulillah ... tpi smlm Sir kate ader explorace tpi x derw p0n .... such waste my time ... emm , tpi x perw r , yg penting im happy ...

back to the tittle , talk JEHHH is cheap ... semua owg ckp senang jerw ...wat tuh wat nieh , tpi satu bende p0n x jalan ... lg satu , aq nk complain psl IKMAL HAZIM BIN MAT SHAH ,... brlgk sgt smpi Allah cursed dye msa kutuk aq .... hdgnye drh , anyway , ak d0akan niat dye nk crik ABE agkt d' bless .... Faizal , lg satu , x hbz2 tnye mrkh MATH .... brlgk nk map0s ....

mggu dpn dh start fasting ... ak SENANTIASA berhrp yg pose aq ta0n nie pnuh tpi x jnjilah ... cme BERHARAP JEWWWWH ... mga d' bless ....paperpon , thank you PAK CIK MUSA ....

anyways, thanks to those who contributed anything in my life for this week ... May ALLAH bless u and have a nice day ........ keep helping, keep supporting. Next month, raya, dont forget to celebrate it. ehh , xkan kowang lpe plk ... i"ll posted on e timing and everything.

Lastly, thanks kepada semua .. May Allah bless us and Have a great weekend =)

Mizz nina

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