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Saturday, December 11, 2010


LOL excited saya nak tulis not. Heya how u been doing? Harap semuanya baik baik belaka. as for me, saya baru balik dari kampung, Alhamdulillah semua selamat. i had tons of fun there.

okay first of all, i would like to thank my beloved friends for always believing in me, thanks for choosing me as friends hah (still cant believe it) . but yes, thanks from the bottom of my heart, i love u all. anyways , thank to all of u that add me .

Rsenye mcm kjap je cuti ni , bru je a few days cuti , dh nak mule skolah ... bju sk0lah p0n belum beli lgi . anyways , next year i will wear a white clothes ... i'm just hoping a good beginner in 2011 ... it must be freaking something ....

Saya harap aksi semua spend holiday time wisely . i have few more weeks to go and its a wrap and i just cant wait to start my next project. semoga Allah berkati perjalanan dan rezeki kita semua. dah nak end year, December !!! dah ready for 2011? hmmm a lot to expect, a lot to explore. semoga tahun tahun akan datang lebih tenang =)

hari ini hari saya unwind. have a good day all. saya akan mula upload gambar semasa di wedding my uncle ok, stay tuned!!!!

i hafta go, health checkup today. i ll be back for more =)

take care and be safe

cantik3 ....
lawa3 ...
kek nie ak buat sendiri tau ...
pandai my m0m bgi autograf ... mcm artis plak ..

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