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Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm back !!

Salam friends ! Im back again after being a while not come out with any updates !

guess what. today is a good day Alhamdulillah. syukur yang amat. Thank you God. thank you to those helping for me. saya dapat achieve my dreams before tapi still banyak lagi yang perlu dipelajari dan direalitikan . Syukur. I am grateful for this.

terima kasih tak terhingga kepada yg sudi menolongsaya, this week really releive f0r my own reason. Alhamdullilah, kerana diberi kepercayaan itu. TQ . Actually, last week i thought nak write notes, but x sempat,,, with homeworks n such etc. but Alhamdulilah sebab d'beri kesempatan untuk write notes ari niey. wah!!! Alim suda..

selain itu, Alhamdulillah , last week i really had fun n really want to go there for next time. ! TQ to the crew, n all my friends, superb, awesome n faboulous ... very happening lar.

diam x diam, lgi seminggu dah nak mid term, wow , mcam3 rase ader tpi rase rugi sgt coz x gune cuti empat hari niey utk study, asyik subuk ngan TC, TV ,TV ... really sorry.. mmg sedey tpi besok try utk tengok3 buku sikit coz rugi sgt kalo skadar tgk tv jew...

YEAY !!! dgr3, next week ade suprise party, can't wait.. thanks , i will update later about that n i just want to remind u guys on this 21 May , don't forget ... wah!! promosi suda..

ckap pasal sek0lah, really sorry x dapar dtg sekolah on friday ari tu, sedey~ semue sbb BAS , tpi naseb baek x blajar n x dapat SIJIL FOMCA ... Alhamdullilah !!!!

bru3 niey, fird rse mcam trlampau OBSES dgn muzik samapi my handphone pnuh dgn lgu n bgi Fird lgu3 zaman skunk niey best gyler n tiap kali dgr jew msti terpahat at hati punyer...

right now, reaaly have fun with my litle sister... cumell sgt, rase nk gigit jew, SARAH HANA. ..

a.k.a TENGKULIT , TEMBAM BAKUP n etc ... here is her picture ... watch out ....

ok ,lastly ,,, for my followers at my bl0g , thanks, for keep waiting... stay tuned,

i will update more later ..

InshaAllah ...

thanks heaps

take care

be safe


Sarah Hana
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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